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Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm Rachael. I am a wedding, portrait, editorial and commercial photographer located in Greenville, SC. This blog is where I post recent images as well as fun stuff from my personal life. Through this blog you'll likely meet: Tyler [my oh so awesome husband], Kayda [our perfect German Shepherd], and Milo [our teenager total punk German Shepherd] as well as some of our awesome clients! Take a look around and if you see something you like - leave me a comment!

Two More, Too Cute – greenville sc newborn photographer

I couldn’t help myself. These are just so sweet I had to post two more images of Jasper. It was necessary.

4 days old – greenville, sc newborn photography

I was so happy to get to meet baby Jasper this week. This little man has been long awaited. His mom was not only overdue but knew that she was going to have a large baby so they had been monitoring his growth over the last several weeks of her pregnancy. He ended up making his appearance at 9lbs 7oz. Atta boy! :) His parents are good friends of our and we are so happy that their precious little boy is finally here! Congrats guys – enjoy every minute with him!

This is what happened when I put a hat on him. Need I tell you he didn’t like it? I quickly took it off but then informed him that I was much more determined (my husband would call it stubborn) then he probably thought and would be sneaking it on him once he was in a deeper sleep.  And…..

….I did. Success! And I’ll go ahead and say it was worth it. :)

3 years old portraits : greenville sc child photographer

Meet Miss H. Beautiful, full of spunk, and all around awesome. She is so ridiculously beautiful you’d almost think she’d just sit like a little princess all the time, but no – this girl can RUN! She had me chasing her back and forth in order to earn some cool images! That’s the kind of girl I like! One who can rock a perfect white dress and ballet slippers but also wants to splash in the river and roll in the grass! :)

I love photographing 3 year olds. They have so much personality. So much to say. You can’t really pose them, you just capture the awesomeness that they come up with on their own. And that’s better than any posed photograph anyway!

I adore these first three. I think I’d have huge prints of them in my house if she was mine! :)

Ridiculously Cute – greenville sc newborn portraits

How cute is this little man?!!! And so alert! He is only a week old in these photos and was definitely more awake then asleep and very focused on the camera. I guess he’s advanced for his age :)

I love little newborn ears ….and lips….and hands….and toes….and…um, everything about newborns.

well hello there!

This last one is my favorite. So sweet!

Adorable Twins!!! – greenville, sc baby photographer

Oh man these twins are awesome. I just totally loved shooting them. Like totally.  (I felt like that was necessary because I sounded a little valley girl there for a minute. And I would delete it, but I’m keeping it real. Totally real.) Anyway, back to the important stuff – these kids are cute. And really sweet. And so are their parents. I feel so honored to get to capture the beautiful children that I do. I can’t imagine that there’s any better job in all the world. Check them out…..

I love the expressions in this next one! So funny!

And of course, who doesn’t love a little boy sticking his tongue out!??

The end.

Sweet Baby Mariko – 4 months old

This is my precious little niece Mariko. She is absolutely beautiful….I love how her features are so delicate. We got to meet her this summer on our trip to Seattle and I can’t wait to see her again next year!

Dear Mariko, I know you aren’t happy in these next two photos, but your little face is ridiculously cute.

I love how she sucks her lip in! So cute!

Some adorable expressions….

The end! I have lots more to upload since I’ve neglected this poor blog so you’ll be seeing more posts soon! Promise! :)

My Favorite People.

A couple months ago mom made some frames and put in one of them a drawing she did of all the boys in our family. She thought by putting the drawing in I would be appalled and say “Oh mom, let me just take a picture for you of all the boys!” Unfortunately for her, the drawing was cute and I was busy, so it stayed on the wall for a while. But, since Luke was leaving for the Air Force this week I went ahead and photographed all the boys in their “work gear” just as mom had drawn them. And man, am I so glad! I absolutely LOVE these photos of some of my favorite people EVER. Oh, and how awesome is Tyler’s shirt!?? HAHA!!!

I give you…. “Workin’ Men!”

LOVE this next one. Check out Hudson crossing his legs! Ha! Always has to be just like his Poppy!

Since Luke was leaving the next day he and Sherie wanted some pictures done of the two of them.

And here are some behind the scenes photos. How cute is my little man!???! (And my mom!!! Genius of the construction shot!)

The Snows!!!!

I heart these people. I went to high school with Justin. I shot Jenn and Justin’s wedding. I took newborn pics of sweet little Landon. And now I took Landon’s 6 month old pictures. And guess what? After all that time together I can tell you that the Snows totally and completely ROCK. And so does Landon’s hair. Oh, and the way he is ALWAYS smiling and laughing. Love.

The end.

Sweet little Emily

This is Emily. I just love her expressions and her drool and her precious little dress! (The dress is homemade by her grandma with the smocking done by her mom!) Oh, and the way she grabs her feet…and her laugh. I’m sure you’ll agree, she is just way too cute.

This is Emily’s big brother. I took his pictures when he was a baby – you can see them HERE! Man he’s grown up!

Get those toes!

I love this. It’s like she can barely even contain her happiness!

Oh summer days how I love thee.

This shoot with our good friends (and Hudson’s best friend forever!) was so summery and perfect… full of cute little baby shorts and dandelions (some dandelions may have been eaten….HUDSON!) and laughter and scrumptious light! I just love the feel of all of these and even more I love the people in them. awww. :)

Sarah, Michael and Anson:

and…..anson’s outta there!

Gotta get some mowing done!

This is too much cuteness. Just way too much.

I love these next two! The lip pull is awesome.

This is Dillon. He rocks. But that’s obvious.

I thought I’d end with a very Anson-ish look. Don’t you just love him??!

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